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Essential Oil Infused Sensory Beads

Provisions By Kat

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Essential Oil Infused Sensory Beads
Essential Oil Infused Sensory Beads

Something different, something fun!! These non-toxic beads will have the kids smiling in no time. A safe, non-toxic bead that when hydrated with water and our Citrus or Lavender essential oil, become hours of sensory fun.

Simply place the dehydrated beads in a bowl of water with your choice of Citrus or Lavender essential oil that come included. Within 8-12 hours, the beads become a scent filled , squishy, bouncy sensory play land!! 

Product Information and Instructions:

Beads come with .5ml dram of Citrus or Lavender Essential Oil

Bead container will contain dehydrated beads. 

Combine beads with 2 cups of water and dram of essential oil

Let sit 8-12 hours

Enjoy your Sensory Beads! 



Sodium Polyacrylate, Essential oils  


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