CBD Wellness Set

CBD Wellness Set

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Give the ultimate in self care, for yourself or for someone who needs it. This complete set of self care includes all four of Provisions By Kats exclusive CBD Wellness Roller Blends. 

Solace -  A grouping of targeted essential oils including peppermint, basil, lavender, roman chamomile and marjoram coupled with 100 mg of CBD and focuses on an approach to aide in the elimination of inflammation and the spasmodic nature of headaches.

Power Mender - A topical application primarily focusing on joint, muscle pain and general inflammation that occurs thru-ought the body. Fans of CBD already know, whether its arthritis, tendonitis, carpel tunnel, or general joint and muscle pain, CBD has it covered. We didn't stop there though; We've combined the outright magic of CBD with healing  Sacred Frankincense, Lemongrass and Wintergreen essential oils. 

Serenity - Specially formulated to ease stress and enhance a sense of calming on application. With a blending of the essential oils ylang ylang, marjoram, cypress, lavender and lemon coupled with 100 mg of hemp based CBD, you will be given the tool you need to center yourself and regain composure! 

Repose - This blend will help to transpose any stressful situation into one you can handle with grace and ease!  Hand crafted and made with calming essential oils lavender, cedarwood, vetiver and several others combined with 100 mg pure powerhouse CBD is sure to be your go to blend for those stressful times.

Apply any or a combination of blends to target areas such as temples, wrists and palms for deep breathing anxiety relief or apply directly inflamed joints, muscles or tendons for aide in inflammation relief.  
Set contains 1, 10mL Stainless steel roller bottle of each blend.