Who We Are


Provisions by Kat
Provisions by Kat is an essential oil based skincare and wellness products company founded in 2017 by Kathryn (Kat) & Sal Fragoso. Kat and Sal live in Washington Heights, New York along with their 3 children: Luigi, Sal & Prudence.
We are an active and physical family that is very concerned about our health and physical well being. Years ago we became more conscious of what products we were using both on and in our bodies. In our quest for improved wellness, the information we found in the ingredients of the products we were using daily was disconcerting. Preservatives, parabens, fragrances, petroleum and other chemicals like formaldehyde were the target. While food is an ongoing challenge, we chose to focus on the most commonly used products used everyday to care for ourselves. 
In early 2014 we found essential oils and began incorporating them in an aromatic therapeutic modality and Kat began to learn all about the botanical families, extraction methods, the history as well as the extensive benefits of each botanical on our body systems. We went well beyond what we imagined. We began to turn to essential oils for a more natural, plant based solution these botanicals provide for some of life’s common ailments. Before we had realized, we had replaced almost all of our day to day skincare and wellness products with our handmade, essential oil based skincare and wellness products. We didn't realize it but we had found our new passion. 
 We are our products. Over the past several years, the products we have developed and formulated are ones you will use on a daily basis. Essential oils provide a pleasant aromatic experience, but we looked deeper, we formulated deeper. Our products contain therapeutic grade, pure essential oils that possess the restorative and healing properties that are found in nature’s botanicals.  In addition, our ingredients were chosen the same - to strengthen and repair the body, which is vital to maintaining health and wellness.
Our ingredients we source for our product line are from distributors that we trust. Our ingredients do not contain any harsh chemicals, heavy metals, artificial colors, fragrances, or genetically modified ingredients and are certified Cruelty Free!!  Formulating and producing a product that is consciously clean was paramount for us to embark on this journey.
Our goal is to give you peace of mind, to trust Provisions by Kat’s quality, affordability, and accessibility to our 100% Handmade Essential Oil Based Skincare and Wellness Products. We wish for the care and love that went into developing these products, and the quality that resulted, to be enjoyed by families all over the world.
Come and join us in continuing to make smarter, healthier product choices for ourselves and those that we love.