Who We are

Our Story

Our family has a pretty active and physical backgrounds and along the way have become more and more concerned about our health and physical well being. We began reading labels and taking what we put in our families bodies seriously. Some of our findings in the products we were using were disconcerting. While food is an ongoing challenge, we have great access to farmers markets here in the city. We focused on everyday household items and what we actually use to clean or care for ourselves and our environments. ENTER ESSENTIAL OILS!!

Preservatives, fragrance, and other chemical names we can't even pronounce or are to long to even google were the target. We found essential oils and began using them as aromatic and calming diffused peace for our home and began to study up. Kat became a member and distributer for a company that uses all natural, therapeutic grade oils and began to learn about the extensive benefits of them that went well beyond what we imagined. The properties in these oils are completely natural and promote and provide some solutions for everyday life before turning to chemical laden commercial products. Before we knew it, we had replaced almost all of our day to day cleaning products for our home, fragrance and chemical laden skin care products, even certain toys for our kids that can all be made completely naturally or enhanced with essential oils as a base. We didn't realize it but we had found our new passion. 

Products and Goals

 We are our products. Over the past 4 years, the products that we have developed are the ones we've come to use on a day to day basis. We've developed lotion bar skin care product because it was easier to carry on subways and lasted longer without the water.  Our After-Sun made with Aloe and Vitamin E, and oil blends meant to soothe skin without abrasive chemicals,  our cleaners were inspired by having curious babies and a sense of security that if they got to them or on their skin or used to clean eating surfaces that we knew what they were taking into their bodies.  

While using oils provides a pleasant aromatic experience, we looked deeper. Our products contain therapeutic grade, pure essential oils that possess restorative and healing properties that are found in things like vitamins, minerals, or fruits and vegetables. Other wellness products we've found may advertise these qualities but are usually blended with chemicals or imitated by fragrances.

The essential oils that we use come from distributors that we trust. After our personal research of different distributors, we found that not only do we only use oils of high quality and extracts from hard to get plants and herbs, but the distributors and farms that we use must attain them ethically as well. Producing a product with a clean conscious was paramount for us embarking on this journey and finding farms and distributors to partner with that felt the same way was important in our product development. 

Our goal is to share the peace of mind, quality and accessibility to these 100% Handmade Essential Oil Based Wellness Products at an affordable price to all who want them. We want the care and love that went in to these products and the quality that resulted to be enjoyed by families all over the world.

Come and join us in continuing to make smarter, healthier product choices for those that we love and care about an everyday occurrence in our lives and homes.