Ageless Foaming Face Wash

Ageless Foaming Face Wash

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As the saying goes, we should always "Put our best selves forward" ....

After years of school, career, and family lives, that can be difficult. As we age, we love to be proud of all we've accomplished but maybe not to wear it on our faces!

We've developed a gentle, soothing answer for the part of our body that takes the most abuse over time. Our skin!  Rosewater hydrates while Argan oil and our essential oil blend of Frankincense, Lavender, and Lemon help to restore elasticity and reduce pore size.

Ageless foaming facial wash washes away time by helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles to ensure you always have your best self looking fresh and ready for all the accomplishments to come. 

Best when used daily and in conjunction with our Ageless Facial Serum and Ageless Facial Toner

Made in: New York, NY

4.5 fl oz.

Topical Use Only. Shake before Use

Ingredients: rosewater, water, coconut oil*, potassium hydroxide, palm kernel oil*, olive oil*, hemp oil*, jojoba oil*, citric acid, tocopherol, argan oil*, essential oils: lavender, lemon,& frankincense

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