Bristles Beard Serum
Bristles Beard Serum

Bristles Beard Serum

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A beard oil that stands out from the rest - Bristles!!

A specially formulated blend of hydrating plant and essential oils, Bristles will leave your facial skin and the roughest of facial hair smooth and well conditioned. 

Whether you are experiencing that all too familiar "new growth beard itch" or are hiding some dry skin under a beautiful beard, our blend of skin and hair loving plant oils, jojoba and argan, are known to hydrate, strengthen, and promote healthy skin and hair growth at the follicle.

This superstar combination of hydrating and hair strengthening essential oils make each drop a powerful conditioner that leaves a healthy, natural looking shine accompanied by a rugged scent.

Directions: Massage into facial hair and down to hair follicle. Use on facial skin as a moisturizer is highly recommended. 

Ingredients: jojoba oil, argan oil, idaho blue spruce, ocotea, hinoki, ylang ylang, coriander, davana, cedarwood, lemon, and lavender

1 fl oz.  Hand made in New York, NY

Our dropper bottles are made of glass and are recyclable with most curbside recycle programs. Simply open the container, safely remove the glass dropper, remove label, rinse, and place in recycling bin.

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