Blissful Sleep Roller Blend Gift Set

Blissful Sleep Roller Blend Gift Set

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Blissful Sleep Gift Set includes 4 of our most soothing and peaceful blends that set the mind and body into slumber mode! 

Relax - Apply this combination of lavender, copaiba, lime, cedarwood and ocotea to temples, on back of neck, wrists, & to vita flex points on feet and let Relax transport you to sensory bliss. 

Focus - Specially formulated with lavender for emotional balance; cedarwood, distilled from bark, to calm and lastly, vetiver for its psychologically grounding effects - focus untangles even the busiest of minds. With heavy, smokey, and earthy fragrances, the Focus essential oil roller blend assists sets the stage for perfect slumber.

Beauty Sleep - A simple and effective combination, lavender and cedarwood are known for calming and sedating effects. Beauty Sleep ensnares the mind and and captures the senses in a sweet coupling of powerful, tranquilizing oils.

Lavender - The "Swiss Army Knife" of Essential Oils. Healing, Calming, Soothing. Whatever may be the occasion, surround yourself in a veil of lavender bliss.

Apply any or a combination of blends to target areas such as temples, wrists, cervical spine and into palms for deep breathing exercises for soothing respite.
Set contains one, 10mL Stainless steel roller bottle of each blend.