Revive Facial Lotion

Revive Facial Lotion

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Revive water based moisturizer contains the superstar ingredients green tea extract, camilla seed oil, niacinamide (vitamin B3), and silk protein. These antioxidant rich ingredients aid in reducing trans-dermal water loss (aka keeps your skin hydrated better), reducing sebum protection, shrinks the appearance of pores, and reduces fine lines. The addition of luxurious skin healing essential oils help to even out your complexion, reduce redness and irritation as well as deliver a serious hydrating punch.

Revive is packaged in an airless jar to hygienically deliver the exact amount of desired product by eliminating environmental contact to ease application and decrease wastage.

Use: Apply a pearl sized serving evenly onto face, neck and décolletage. Apply hyaluronic acid serum before and facial oil after if desired for increased hydration.

Ingredients: distilled water, cornflower blue hydrosol, camilla seed oil, niacinamide, mango butter, cetearyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, cetyl alcohol, hydrolized silk protein, vegetable glycerine, green tea extract, panthenol, allantoin, vitamin E, liquid germall plus, essential oils: geranium, palmarosa, blue tansy, german chamomile, helichrysum, neroli, sandalwood

Made in NYC

2 oz